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Backlane Makeover

Backlane: Gurdwara-Magazine,

Penang, Malaysia

PAM Awards 2018

Special Category: Silver

In collaboration with CKHO Architect

Backlanes are usually labelled as dirty and unsafe places to linger around. They are often underutilised while only used mainly for parking or rubbish disposal.


With a transformed backlane, the alley that connects Jalan Magazine and Jalan Gurdwara spots a new look that still maintains the essence of the area after given a makeover

The 135m-long back lane with a width of 870sq m area has been paved over with interlocking bricks and recycled timber designs.

Creative lights have also been installed to brighten up the alley in the evening. The project was intended to create a safer and cleaner alternative route for pedestrians and cyclists.

in collaboration with CKHO Architect


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