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Built in the early 1900s, Hillside Bungalow is one of the oldest bungalows on Penang Hill and is classified as a Category II heritage building in the Penang Hill Local Plan 1998 and Penang Hill Special Area Plan 2016. The bungalow was once used as a rest house for British government officers. It was turned into a rest house for public servants after Independence and left vacant.


The project starts with defining the functional requirements and the budget required to deliver a beautiful and impactful design. The main objective of the project is to preserve the 1 storey building’s classic colonial style building, and convert the heritage house into a boutique vacation house.


Creating a new and improved living space while taking advantage of the conserved structure can be quite a challenge. This home building justice to both aspects and adds a charming edge by incorporating some British colonial and Asian style elements into the interior design.

Hillside Bungalow

+ Retreat

Penang Hill

Penang, Malaysia



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