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MBPP Sports Complex

Relau, Penang, Malaysia

Green Building Index



City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) Relau Sports Complex - (MBPP RSC) is located strategically in Relau and easily accessible by local residents. It is an excellent recreational and athletic venue for the people to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. The RSC is also ideal venue for athletes to carry out their training.

The two-storey complex built over 8,785sqm site with approximate 4,275.50sqm built-up area. The MBPP RSC is equipped with an Olympic size swimming pool, a diving pool, ten indoor badminton courts and other extensive facilities including gymnasium, dry-gym room, shower and changing rooms, pro-shop, cafeteria and etc.

The main form of the building is created using recyclable steel framed structure with insulated metal cladding; architecturally exposed structural steel is expressed prominently in this building. The main roof is constructed of lightweight recyclable profiled steel metal sheet coated in a light cream colour to minimize heat absorption. The roof insulation comprised 100mm thick 40kg/m3 rockwool and one layer of heat reflective foil.

The complex has a clear north-south orientation for all its openings and window. Building envelope is designed carefully to minimize solar heat gain into the building, the design reduce the glazing to solid spandrel ratio to reduce heat gain through the glazing. The overall building envelope OTTV is an impressive 32.97W/M2.

Rainwater collected on the roof drains is channeled into the series of rainwater harvesting tank located at canopy roof level and ground level buried in the carpark area. Collected rainwater is filtered and reused to irrigate landscape and used for all toilet flushing. All the tap fittings and sanitary wares have water saving and reduction valves.

With a distinctive and attractive exterior, MBPP RSC is designed with quality specifications and in compliance to Green Building Index (GBI). Green materials like low VOC paints and adhesive, recyclable material, environmentally material are used for all internal and external place spaces.

The project also features a number of green approach and elements, for example chargEV parking, solar tube, bicycle lane, universal accessible facilities, extensive day lighting strategies, material selection, energy efficiency approach, natural ventilation, indoor air quality and other green approaches.

Project by : Ar. Loh Mei Ee


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