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Black Cumin

Beach Street, Penang,


Black Cumin is a heritage building renovated into a fine dining that reflects the historical identity of being in the UNESCO Heritage Zone, Georgetown, but with a fusion of raw and modern concept that brings out the elegance of this fine diner itself.


Without overdoing, the interior is special and memorable due to the dual vibe of both modern and historical, caused by basic colours and earthy tones that are used in the diner. With clean and modern furniture used, the important features of this fine diner have become even clearer and distinctive. The major usage of glass is where modernisation takes place while timber and bare brickwork surfaces balance the energy of the diner.


The ground floor of Black Cumin is where diner’s most activities take place seeing as the chef table, entrance and waiting area, the hot & cold bar and seating area are located in this part of the building. There is also a public lounge on the ground floor level for the customers provided by the diner. Seeing as this is the mostly used spaces, the design is more laidback and even some greenery are planted on the side of one of the hallways.


Meanwhile on the first floor, the design is more complex and elegant with bar, VIP room and private lounge area placed on this level, the activity level on this floor is lesser than the one under it as it is more private, luxurious and exclusive.

CKHO Architect

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